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Digital Yarn Length Counter

Electronic Length and Tension control Meter

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Used in textile industries spinning, twisting, yarn winding, reeling etc  machines

The Digital length counter is the computering system of thread / cone winding machine , and used to control the winding-up length of thread / cone and tension force , having functions of auto-stop upon thread breaking, auto memory upon power failure.

The counter is most important part of the apparatus. Display screen, control buttons and setting buttons are provided on the panel of the counter. The electronic length and tension control apparatus uses the latest SCM technology to achieve excellent performance. Its functions include automatic tracking and release, digital display of tension release, automatic data memory in power failure, automatic stop for thread break, automatic stop and reset following number setting. 

  1. Display screen: The display screen shows the current length number and tension voltage in a form varying with different setting button operation.

2.     Control buttons:

a)      Start button: Used to start the machine and trial run the machine.

b)      The stop/reset button: Used to stop the machine and override, the earlier number settings, when the number displayed on the screen does not correspond with the one reset by the setting button, you may hold this button for three minutes, and the number displayed on screen will correspond with the new number.  

c)      The change button: Is designed to have two types of displays. Press this button once, and screen will display the length number, press it a second time, and the screen will display the length control function and set tension voltage. And this process may be repeated. 

3.     Setting Buttons:

a)      Tension setting button: The user may change the setting to achieve desired tautness of the thread reels.

b)      Four length setting buttons: Separately responsible for setting the ones, tens, hundreds and thousands of the number, with range between 0 and 9999. The user may change the number to obtain desired reel size.


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