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Yarn Lea Strength Tester


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This Textile Tensile / Lea strength tester Lea Strength is to determine the tensile strength and elongation of metal threads, metal wire, ropes, lea & fabric. 


Tensile Testing / Lea Strength tester is single column with a movable crosshead using a lead screw and nut mechanism s made of the finest material and thus produces very accurate and reliable results.

The Tensile Testing Machine has been designed in such way
that one testing space is suitable for extra-long test sample, having long elongation.

Standards: ISO13934.1, ISO13934.2, ISO13937.2, ISO9073.4, ISO13936.1, ISO13936.2, ISO13935.1, ISO13935.2, ASTMD5034, ASTMD5035, ASTMD2261, ASTMD5587, ASTMD3936, ASTMD4964..................ETC.

  • Test Function:

  •  Constant Speed Tensile Test

  • Peeling Test

  • Tearing Test

  • Seam Slippage Test

  • Bursting Test

  •  Definite Elongation Test Load Test

  •  Definite Load Test Elongation Test

  •  Elastic Recovery Test


  1. Working pattern: CRE principle, controlled by large LCD, equipped with an online

  2. interface, can be also controlled by computer with professional textile testing

  3. software.

  4. Real time display graphs, breaking load, elongation, with PC powerful

  5. analysis system, also can give yield load, yield elongation, CV% of load, Initial

  6. modulus...etc.

  7. Adopt imported sensor from American Tedea.

  8. AC servo drive, ball screw, to do a wide range speed setting, suitable for all kinds of material mechanical performance testing

  9. According to the customer need to provide a variety of standard test functions, can also be customized according to customer requirements.

  10. With different clamps can perform different test perfectly.

  11. All testing results and graphs can be output into Excel and be printed accordingly.

  12. With the protective function of overload, over current, over voltage, displacement upper and lower limitation, also with emergency stop.

  13. Multi Unit is selectable: CN, N, Lb, g, Kg, mm, Inch.

  14. Manual clamp and pneumatic clamp is selectable.

 Multi Standards can be selected, such as ISO, ASTM standards for tensile test


Standards for fabric: ASTMD5034, ASTMD5035, ASTMD6775, ASTMD2261,

 ISO9073, ISO13934.1/2, ISO3936.2.


For yarn: ISO2062 and other standard need to be added according to customerís



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