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Xenon Light fastness Testers

Used for color fastness-to light, color fastness to whether, color fastness to light and sweat and light aging test of various colored textiles and other materials. The instrument conforms to the standards ISO, GB, AATCC.

Standards: GB/T16999, 8427,8430; FZ/T75002; ISO105-B06-B04, and so ,105


Compensations for irradiance level, character setting, real-time monitoring, and auto adjustment are provided to meet the stable requirements of different standards for test light sources.                                                                                Click pictures for enlarge view

Test data from black thermometer, black standard thermometer, irradiance meter and unified operating position (equidistance) test are synchronously transmitted by radio frequency and directly displayed on a colour screen with observation fulfilled without the tester shutdown.  
light energy conversion technology adopted for radio transmission, no necessary for power supply purchase.


Technical feature:

1、Digital light intensify settings, real-time monitor, and automatic adjustment,

     to meet with the light resource stability requests of different standards.

2、The measured data adopts radio frequency technology to transfer synchronously, and display on the color screen, need not stop to observe.

3、Cordless transmission using solar energy conversion technologies to provide energy and need not other powers.

4、Super color LCD, various test monitor models, simply operate, directly and clear.

5、All the sample clamps to be timed separately, can carry on testing on one machine but with different samples, make monitor convenient, and reduce the cost.

6、Fixed 3500 W long-xenon light technology , truly simulate daylight spectrum

7、Industrial temperature control system, the temperature of test cabinet can be adjusted rapidly to be stable.

8、Ultrasonic with wetting, professional dehumidification system to ensure testing humidity stability 

9、Equipped with circulatory system and air filtration system, the environmental

   requirements greatly reduced.

10、        Can work for 1000 hours continuously at once, have superior quality.

11、        Source: Xenon arc lamp

12、        Power: 3.0 KW

13、        Dimensions: 900 500 1650mm (L W H)




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