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Digital Twist Tester with Printer 

Twist tester twist untwist-retwist and direct counting method to measure the twist of single yarn and thread, it is controlled by microcomputer and processes the date automatically. The results can be sent to printer. It adopts the clock circuit and can display and print the time automatically. It has delete function to cancel the useless data. Also it can detect the rotate speed that can be adjusted steplessly by itself and display the speed. The CPU of the machine can detect the speed of electric motor, and judge the direction of turning, add or decrease the number of turning automatically. The division value is 1/10 round. The statistic of test can provide 9 technical parameters.

Applicable standard:GB2543.1.2, GB/T14345, FZ / T01092

Technical parameter:

1.      Rang of the suitable yarn: all kinds of yarns

2.      Twist:1-1999

3.      Test number of times:100times

4.      Range of the suitable yarn:1-499.9tex

5.      Test length:10-500mm

6.      Test method: four methods from FO to F3

         F0:direct counting method

         F1:one time untwist-retwist method

         F2:two times untwist-retwist method

         F3:three times untwist-retwist method

7.      Yarn tension: special poise that can be adjusted basing on different kinds of yarns

8.      Rotate speed:100r/min-1900 r/min

9.      Point locomotor's speed:100r/min-1900 r/min

10. Data printout’s mode:

A.     Display: the display screen of LCD can display test times, the twist of each time, twist coefficient and nine statistics

B.    The machine can be connected with the printer of CP-800,memorize test time and test condition; it also can memorize the twist of each time, twist coefficients and nine statistics.

11. Power supply:AC220V±10%  50HZ

12. Rated power:20W



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