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HL-02 Computerized Tensile Strength Tester


Download full Brochure PDF 520 k                                       Click Image to enlarge


This Tensile strength tester is applicable in testing the rubber, plastic film, cable, fabric, paper, aluminum board and so on. It is ideal for high-capacity tension, compression, bend/flex, and shear testing; these machines are guaranteed to meet the relative requirements of ISO, ASTM, JIN, GB and many other testing standards.



GB/T 3923.1/2, GB/T 13772.1/2/3, GB 8687, FZ/T 20019, FZ/T 70006, FZ/T 01085, FZ/T 01030, FZ/T 70007, ISO 13934.1/2, ISO 13935.1/2,

ISO 4606, ISO 9073.3/4, ASTM D5034,   ASTM D5035, ASTM D2261, ASTM D434,

ASTM D4964, ASTM D5587, ASTM D3936, JIS L1093, BS DIN


Product features:

1.      Control card adopts advanced neural adaptive PID control algorithm, and truly

realizes three closed-loop digital controls.

2.      Data acquisition system consists of or channels high precision A/D conversion


3.      The maximum resolution of 1/300000. There is no subsection of all process,

meanwhile it can have 4 subsections or no subsections according to customers’


4.      Select BB, AD and Xilinx original brand integrated devices and digital design.

5.      Built-in large scale CPLD programmable device with high-speed computation

capability and real-time processing digital signal.

6.      Integrated dual roads precision instrument programmable amplifier, digital zero and

automatic smooth shifting.

7.      Select high quality imported servo valve block, all control signals photoelectric

isolation, 24V DC and safe and reliable.

8.      The professional software runs on Windows98/2000/XP operating system, the

testing machine can process test result and then output test report and the

characteristic curve design.

9.      Real-time record and dynamic display test curve, select the point and detail


10.  With accuracy and perfect data analysis function, utilizing man-machine interactive

11.  Mode to analyze and calculate mechanical performance of materials, and


12.  Calculate max force, elongation, tensile strength, elasticity modulus, yield strength,

13.  Non-proportional extension stress, Rp0.2(бp0.2),Rm (бb),and E, etc, also with


14.  Process with man intervention, thus improve accuracy.

15.  Adopts human-computer interaction to analyze and count performance

indicators of materials. It has both automatic and manual modes.

16.  Adopt stable and reliable Japan AC servo driving system and servo motor, with the

17.  Protection device of over current, over voltage Speeding and overload.

18.  The adjustable Rate can up to 1:100000

19.  With the protective function of overload, over current, over voltage, displacement upper and lower limitation and emergency stop

 Main Technical Parameter:

1.   Load Cell: 100N, 200N, 500N, 1KN, 2KN, 5KN (Select one)
Strength Precision: better than ±1% of the applied load value.

2.   Strength Resolution: 1/300000

3.    Precision of displacement: 0.001mm

4.    Crosshead Speed: 0.01—500mm/min (Arbitrary Setting)

5.    Speed Accuracy : ±1%(0.01~10mm/min); ±0.5%(10~500mm/min)

6.    Valid Tensile Distance: 800 mm (The distance between upper and lower

       grips) (1000mm optional)

7.    Compression Space (After install the grips): 700mm

8.    Yarn tensile grip manual 2 Nos. (pneumatic Optional)

9.     Diameter of compression clamp: Ф100mm

10.   Power: 220V±10%, 50Hz

11.   Dimension: 520×380×1400mm

12.   Weight: 100 kg

Download full Brochure PDF 520 k




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