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Floor standing air conditioner, it is the latest kinds of packaged air conditioner based on many years’ developing and manufacturing experience. This kind of packaged air conditioner has streamlined design of outline and attractive appearance. With the functions of refrigerating, heating and dehumidification, it can achieve precise temperature control of indoor environment.

Usage: It can be widely used in many occasions, such as Communications rooms, computer centers Pharmaceutical laboratories, Textile laboratories, studios, Hospital CT Rooms, MRI Rooms, Purification Plants, electronics factories, control centers, monitoring centers, Military Command Centers, office, hotel, museum, require for précised temperature and humidity.

This specially designed system ensures compliance with international standards

Standard: ISO139/187, ASTM D1776, BS EN 20139 / 20187, DIN 53802, ERT 60-1, M&S PGA


1. Touch serene LCD monitor that display running state and alarm information.

2. There are electric heating, hot water heating and steam heating for selection. Besides we can offer part fresh air and all fresh air function if you need.

3. The packaged type air conditioner unit has compact structure, small footprint, which make it easy to install, maintain and debug.

4. The units are equipped with multi-protections, such as high/low pressure protection, compressor overload protection, fan over current protection; all those ensure safe and reliable operation of the unit.

5. As the specific requirements of the operating occasions, the units can be design as anti-exploded and anti-corrosion.

6. High/low pressure switch protection, Compressor overload Protection over current protection, Phase sequence protection, Start delay protection, Oil heater, Electric wire overheating protection,

7. Air Differential Pressure Protection, Humidification Over Current Protection, Exterior Interlock Protection,

8. Refrigerating Output performance measurement: Entering Air Temperature 23℃/17℃, Ambient Temperature 35℃.

9. Adopt Heat recovery type is Power saving than ordinary type when Ambient Humidity Requirements is 45-65%.

10. In Standard Working Condition. The Performance of Unit is similar by using new type efficient refrigerant Eco-friendly R407 or R22.

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                                                                                                   System inside view



Design of the equipment may change without prior notification.



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