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  GSM Cutter




Available in different colors, sizes and designs.

Sample Cutters rapidly, accurately and safely cut out circular specimens of fixed diameter. Virtually any type material can be accommodated, including woven, non-woven and knitted textiles, carpet, film, foam, plastics, paper and board.
The material to be cut is placed between the Sample Cutter and a Special Cutting Board. When the safety catch is released, light downward pressure on the hand wheel brings the multiple blades into contact with the material. Specimens are cut by rotating the hand wheel under a light, even pressure. The design and precision manufacture of the instrument ensures the specimens are perfectly circular and have smooth edges. To maintain the cutting efficiency, the blades should be turned or changed when they become damaged or blunt, and the Cutting Board should be turned or changed when it becomes worn. For the best results, only the approved blades and boards should be used.
Standard and special order sizes are available.



GB/T4669, 4802.1 , ISO 3801 , BS , ASTM


1. Reliable rapid, and easy to use.
2. 100 Square Centimeters cutting area (Other area available  depend to order).
3. Depth of cutting up to 5mm (Other cutting depth available depend to order).
4. Special finishes for contacting surfaces to avoid of specimen slippage.
5. Including special mats



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