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Perspiration Tester & Oven

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Perspiration tester or perspirometer is consisted of two parts, color-fastness-to-perspiration device and dryer. This kit is used to determine color fastness to water and perspiration of textiles. Provided with 2 stainless steel frames each with a capacity of 21 samples of 10cm x 4cm held between acrylic separator plates. Loading weights for BS, ISO and AATCC standards are included.


An electric incubator is required

Standards: AATCC 15, 106, 107, 165 , ISO 105E01, GB/T3922, 5713, 5714, 18886 , JIS L0847, 0848

Loading weights                                    50N or 10 lb
Acrylic Plate area and number              60115mm    21pcs
Temperature and accuracy                    room temperature-90

Working time                                         0-99h    (programmable)
Chamber size                                         308330300 mm (LWH)


Microprocessor controlled Oven

1   Box in vivo uses the mirror surface stainless steel arc argon to weld the manufacture but to become, box in vitro uses the high quality steel plate, the molding is artistic.


2   Uses has controls the warm protection, the digital demonstration microcomputer temperature controller, has fixed time the function, controls warm precise is reliable.


3   The hot blast circulatory system by can the continuous working air blower and the appropriate air flue is composed under the high temperature. The work indoor temperature is even.


4   Fixed time scope: 1-9999min


5   Temperature fluctuation:+-1% (full measuring range)


Technical features:

Temperature Range : RT+10-200 C

Temperature distinction  rate: 0.1 C

Work place Temperature : +5 -35 C


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