01 Tensile Strength Tester

Introduction :

 It is applicable in testing the rubber ,plastic film ,cable , fabric , paper ,aluminum board and so on , It can do the test of tensile, compression elongation ratio test, hot seal strength, tearing strength, 180 degree peel (include T peel), and 90 degree peel ,etc .


Standard : according to GB , ISO , ASTM , DIN etc.


Character :


1.  Auto controlled, High performance governor system

2.  Software : Micro-computer and professional software controls, LCD displays data ,results, such as max force, elongation…etc, could get max, min, average for testing results.

3.  High performance ball screw transmission and Servo motor to make the machine running quietly

4. The limiter can ideally protect the equipment

5. The result can be statistical and printed automatically

6. Thermal printer ,high speed and no raise


Technical Parameter :


Load cell : 100N, 200N, 500N, 1000N, 2000N, 5000N (Select One)


Type : Single Arm


Crosshead travel approx: 1000mm


Tensile and Compression Space: 800mm


Strength Precision : 1% of applied value , from 2%-100% of the load cell capacity .


Speed : 0.1mm/min – 500mm/min


The accuracy of speed : ≤1%


Resolution of the replacement: 0.01mm


Strength Resolution : 1/100000


Power : 220V±10V 50HZ


Dimension: 520×380×1900mm


Weight: 110kgs


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