50X Desktop Textile Ozone Chamber

Ozone Test Chamber is used to determine the colorfastness of textiles
when it is exposed to ozone in the atmosphere at room temperature..

The instrument consists of a stainless steel experimental chamber and a fully enclosed gas circuit for the production of ozone by silent discharge. The entire ozone gas generated and captured is enclosed to ensure personal safety. Ozone aeration chamber: composed of ozone generator, fan, baffle, sample compartment.
Standard: AATCC 109, ISO 105 G03



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Temperature control range

0-80, control accuracy: +-0.2

Humidity control range

30-98%ontrol accuracy: +-2%

Ozone concentration

0-200p.p.h.m,control accuracy:+-1p.p.h.m

Ozone chamber size

500mm (W)x400mm(D)x400mm (H)

Sample Hanger

2 layers



Ozone generation system


The system uses high-precision ceramic high-voltage plate discharge.

Ozone concentration range

random setting 0-500pphm

Ozone removal device

Activated carbon

Ozone detection system


Detection range


Measurement accuracy

+-2%,display resolution:0.1pphm

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