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Moisture Regain Oven

 The tester is used for measuring the moisture regain or moisture content of all kinds of textile materials, also can be applied to other fields that need the constant temperature drying

Applicable standard: GB/T6102.1, GB/T9995, GB/T6503, GB/T14341

Range of temperature control :            environmental temperature-150 C

Accuracy of temperature control           1 C

Foursquare temperature precision        3 C

Motor power                                          370W/380V 1400r/min

Heating power                                       2.75KW

Balance: chain or electronic                  max mintage 200g ;min division value 10mg

Power source                                         AC380V10%  50HZ

Workroom dimensions                           620mm 620mm 350mm

Volume:                                                  940mm 840mm 1135mm

N.W:                                                        125kg

Packing dimension:                               80mm 995mm 1275mm(mainframe)

Balance :                                                 700mm 450mm 765mm



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