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Melting Point Tester - B


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Melting Point Tester is used for testing the melting point of powder, PET chip, chemical fiber and etc (except light-proof and deep color object) by analyzing the change of light transmission amount in the heating process with micro computer.

Determine melting point through the change of light transmission amount;
Display data, temperature curve and amount of light curve on the LCD;
SCM controls heating system, light source and cooling fan;
Automatically correct temperature measurement;
Two melting point report method optional: automatic method by analyzing the change of light transmission
amount in the heating process or manual method by using a microscope for visual inspection;
Print each test curve, data and arithmetic mean value;
Store 20 results; Accurate and stable heating system.

Environmental conditions:
Temperature range: 15~30C
RH range: ≤80%
Technical Specifications:
Melting testing Range : 50~350C
Measuring inaccuracy: <0.5C
Temperature accuracy: 0.1C
Heating up Speed: 2,3,4,5 C/min (adjustable)
Power supply: AC 220V 10V, 120W
Dimensions: 350300250mm (LWH)
Weight: 15kg


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