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Abrasion tester (Martindale)

Used for testing abrasion resistance of wool or blend of wool's woven, knitted and non woven fabric in specified pressure, also used for testing balling in light pressure for most fabrics, especially for wool woven fabric. The relative moving track between sample and abrasive is figure of Lissa-jous.
Controlled by microcomputer, displayed by LCD, printing reports, simultaneity show accumulative used times of every standard abrasive and working state of each test head.
Standards: GB/T4802.2,  FZ/T20020,  ISO5470,  IWS TM112/196, DIN53863/53865, BS3424/5690, BS EN388/530, JIS L1096, ASTM D4966/4970, SN198.525.198.529, SFS4328,
Technical index,

Testing times                                                      1~999999

Accumulative count                                            1~999999

Testing head                                                       6 and 8

Effective rubbing diameter of abrasive              φ 28.8mm

Relative moving speed between                         

clamper and abrasive                                          50r/min

The weight of load                                              Clamper  200g

Drag of costuming sample,                                 395g
Drag of decorative sample,                                 594g




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