Linear Cut Resistance Tester EN ISO 13997

  This Apparatus is intended for determination of resistance to cutting by sharp objects - edges, such as knives, sheet metal parts, swart,

   glass, bladed tools and castings on materials and assemblies designed for protective clothing, protective gloves and other personal

   protective equipment against cutting by sharp objects

  EN ISO 13997:1997 / Protective clothing – Mechanical properties – Determination of resistance to cutting by sharp objects
  ASTM F2992/F2992M-15/Standard test method for
  Measuring Cut Resistance of Materials Used in Protective
  Clothing with Tomodynamometer (TDM) Test Equipment
  EN 388:2016; c. 6.3 / Protective gloves against mechanical risks

  The device with the use of selected constant force and perpendicular at a velocity of 2,5 mm/s cutting test sample by a blade of standard

  sharpness and measures the cutting stroke length in accurate  to 0,1 mm. The cut resistance of a sample material is expressed as the cutting

 force that is required to be applied to a blade of standard sharpness to just cut through the material in a 20 mm blade stroke

Technical characteristic:
Practical for handling (small size and weight)
Force application system to move the specimen holder towards the blade can be between 0,1 and 200 N,
The device is supplied with weights 0,1 to 61 N (more than 61 N is optional) on an separated stand,
System for set measuring system to zero,
Sliding movable specimen holder length 112 mm on mount with system for adjusting and fixing of 9 cutting - testing position,
Easy and ergonomic replacement of blade and possibility of using unused part of blade two time by turning the blade,
Work area protected with movable transparent plastic cover for injury prevention,
Easy LOCK – UNLOCK system for gentle apply a selected testing force between specimen holder and the blade,
Testing control unit with alpha numerical LCD screen and “START POSITION”, “TEST”, ”STOP” and “COUNTER RESET” command button,
Result of cutting – cutting stroke length in accurate of 0,1 mm displayed on the alpha numerical LCD screen
Weight :39
Power supply:230 V~50 Hz

Consumable accessories:

Standard blades (Box of 100 pcs)

Standard calibration Neopren sheet (10 pcs)

Double sided adhesive roll

Aluminum roll

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