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Textile Testing Laboratories require ""Close Control"" of temperature and humidity worldwide. This specially designed system ensures compliance with international standards.

To maintain the whole lab standard conditions at especial
Requirements inside the Laboratories, Equipped with LCD monitor that display running state and alarm information;

Microprocessor control:
The control system of the unit adopts advanced microprocessor that provides more accurate and convenient system monitoring and parameter setting. Under normal range of working temperature and humidity, the accuracy of temperature control is at 1C and that of humidity control 3%.

Controller with RS485 communication interface that support multiple network monitoring

An internationally advanced electrode steam humidification system under which the amount of humidification and water inflow and outflow are all controlled by computer, the auto cleaning program for the humidifier cylinder ensure normal humidification efficiency of the cylinder

Various kinds of Internet centralized monitoring modes
Through Internet monitoring network, a real-time long-distance monitoring on air conditioning unit can be realized. This system supports various kinds of networks, such as: home net, telnet, building auto control system and power and environment centralized monitoring network

Comply to the following Standards:- ISO139/187, ASTM D1776, BS EN 20139 / 20187, DIN 53802, ERT 60-1, M&S PGA .

Many systems available to suit room volumes from 6 KW to 25KW. Custom built units available for larger volume rooms.

CE,UL,CCC,ISO9001,ISO14001 approvals
Copeland compressor and EBM fan
Installation is not included, may be required.
For final offer and recommendations, complete questionnaire.

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Design of the equipment may change without prior notification.



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