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Lab Stenter / Mini Dryer

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Direct hot air drying test fabrics, precision temperature and uniform distribution, the maximum temperature of 250 degrees, +1% accuracy.

Special needle frame design, weaving and knitting level can apply, can simulate and forecast Process drying resin processing or change the dye, prevent agents and field conditions on the color fastness or quality.

There are two types of pin frames, single direction and all direction.
‘Single’ direction is normally used for woven fabrics and ‘all’ direction is used for knitted fabric or other delicate fabric with large elongation characteristics.


Sample Dimensions: 360mm×420mm
Temp range: 250 °C
Accuracy: ± 1%
Timer : 0 - 60 minutes
Hot air circulation: The intake or vent adjusts the fresh air flow
Needle Frame: A one-way (needle only on the two ends of cloth)
Two-way (four needle on the direction is drawing 30%

Power: 3Ć supply 16 Amp (380 - 415 Vac) 50 Hz




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