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Fabric Shrinkage Tester ISO

It is necessary equipment for textile quality monitoring department and research department. It can perform the shrinkage determination of wool, cotton, linen and chemical fiber woven and knitting fabric after washing And it also can perform the felting and relax testing for wool textile. Tester adopts manual & automatic and controlled by microcomputer.12 automatic wash programs can be random rework. give an alarm automatically.

standard: G B / T8629, ISO6330,  GB/T1105,


Technical Specification:

Washing capacity   4kg

Rotating speed for washing barrel 530 r/min ± 20r/min.

Working water level,                     Low water level 10cm high water level 13cm.

Intake time                                    Fill to 13cm <2min(water pressure 0.1 Pa).

Draining times,                              From 13cm water level to drain up <1min.

Draining pump,                             30W.

Electric heating power,                 2kW.

Temperature control,                    Water temperature~ 92 șC.

Precision,                                      ± 1 șC.

Power source,                               AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz.



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