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Model HFM IR Dyeing Machine

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  1. The laboratory dyeing machine is smart and high-end series we develop with the advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency, energy conservation to meet the high-end customers demands

  2. Provide bath ratio 1:5 to 30 and 5-50g various fiber for dyeing test. With special accessories of dyeing pot, fiber absorption accelerated to make the dyeing uniformity, smooth and no dyed ball

  3. Apply programmable micro-computer with several expressions to real-time monitor laboratory dyeing work.

  4. Infrared Ray Heating with the advantage of no pollution, no loss of glycerin, small power and excellent effects of keeping constant temperature and energy-saving

  5. Controlled by frequency converter and automatic clockwise and anticlockwise rotation devices.

  6. Liquor in the beakers fluctuates with adjustable speed of rotation. Therefore dye uptake is more uniform .It is suitable for dyeing all materials to get most flat and uniformly dyed ample.

  7. We use 150ml, 200ml, 350ml, 420ml beakers for low liquor-ratio and high liquor-ratio dye in order to suit different textiles and fabric. The beakers can be taken up and down in halfway. It can keep constant temperature and temperature rising in curve.


  1. Heating Method: Infrared Ray

  2. Heating Medium: Aluminum Conduct Heat

  3. Temperature Range: Ambient -140°C

  4. Temperature Control Accuracy: ±1°C

  5. Temperature Rising Rate: 0.2-4°C

  6. Cooling Method: Air-cooled

  7. Rotation Speed: 0.2-60/min

  8. Material of Beaker: Stainless Steel 316L,  

  9. Volume of Beaker: 200cc, 350cc and 420cc

  10. Amount of Beaker: 24 beakers

  11. Rated Power:  4.5kw, 22V/380V

  12. Machine Dimension: 92*84*115cm (L*W*H)


IR Dyeing Machine


Products Name





IR Dyeing Machine


1 Set



S.S 316L Beakers selectable

200cc, 350cc, 420CC

12, 18, 24

 customer may select quantity




1 pair



Beaker placing plate

12 holes

2 piece



Operation Manual


1 book





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