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Intelligent Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate

Product features:

  1. Adopt the square TU2 red copper plate which is processed by Vacuum coating to heat ,with beautiful appearance and anticorrosion ,without deformation when get heated.

  2. Special heating mode (patent applied for), the surface maximum temperature can be up to 350°C.

  3. Temperature control adopts fuzzy PID control algorithm ,with double screen digital display , self adjustment function ,high precision ,small temperature difference , one-button tick operating ,use inner and outer thermocouples to measure temperature , controlled silicon manage the output ,160-240V wide voltage power supply and with Broken accidentally protection function.

  4. Can heat the standard and off-standard 50-1000ml reaction –bulbs and other canisters which contain no magnetic metal .

  5. Using DC brushless speed regulation motor, stable performance, low noise , long service life , no spark.

  6. The shell adopts one-time forming flame retardant strengthen PBT injection moulding shell, with thermo stability, anti-corrosion and good insulation property.

  7. With over temperature protection function.
    30 ° can’t control panel is suitable for standing and sitting viewing angle.
    Stepless speed adjustment, low speed-stable , high speed-strong

  8. 30 ° can’t control panel is suitable for standing and sitting viewing angle.

  9. Stepless speed adjustment, low speed-stable, high speed-strong

1. Fix the lever in the screw hole at the back and above of the instrument attention : clockwise and counterclockwise , adjust the height of the cross clip then fasten the reaction bulb with the universal clip .
2. Insert the AV 220 power source ,open the power switch ,PV display window will display “K” ,the setting window display “400”, fit the equipment with K type thermocouple , the maximum control temperature 399 °C , 3 seconds later , Pv display window will show the room temperature ,the SV setting window will display last setting temperature value .
3. Temperature setting: keep pressing the “▲”and“▼”buttons 3 seconds to add or reduce so as to set the required temperature swiftly. Such as 100℃,the microcomputer will confirm the quantity of heat according to the temperature difference between the setting temperature and current temperature to make sure that there is no temperature error and warming can be made in one time, at the same time to maintain the radiation balance with a tolerance of 1℃ between the setting data and real-time data making it easy to finish the heating procedure .
4.Self adjustment function ,if start the self adjustment function ,the heating time and the temperature difference will be the shortest when different heating zone or different heating power or the quantity of solution is not regular .But if the heating medium or heating condition is changed you should reset the self adjustment function .
5. Start self adjustment: keep pressing the “◄”button 5 seconds, if the number in the setting window is flickering then it is in the state of self adjustment. The number will stop blinking after 3 times temperature difference and this indicates that the self adjustment is finished then you can use it . but remember that self adjustment can only be used at the beginning of heating .midway self adjustment will be inaccurate .
6. Adjust the “stir “knob clock wisely , make it in a right place according to speed showed to carry out stirring .
7. If the capacity is large or the solution is thick, you can increase the stirring strength by adjusting the knob.
8.At the back of the instrument , there is a rubber plug which is used to protect the external use thermocouple from corrosion or rust and break over the inside lane .if pulled up ,the inner detector will switch off and the machine will stop heating .if you want to use the external use thermocouple ,then pull up the rubber plug and connect the plug of the thermocouple with the plug seat also lock the nut ,after this you can put the SS detector into the solution to start the controlled heating.
9.This instrument has the function of Broken accidentally protection, when the connection of the thermocouple is not so good , the display window will show “hhhh” green light off, the instrument will stop heating ,so only after checking it over that can you use it again.
10. If the phenomenon of jumping seed occurs, please turn off the stirring first and start slowly.

Technical parameter:
1. Power supply: ~220 VAC, 50Hz
2. Material of plate: TU2 red copper
3. Range of speed adjustment:50-1800rotation /minute step less adjustment
4. Capacity of stirring: 50-10000ml
5. Power of heating: 260-750W
6. Accuracy of temperature controlling: ±1°C
7. Temperature controlling mode: intelligent digital display , controlled silicon control the temperature ,inner and outer temperature sensor
8. Heating temperature: surface temperature can be up to 350°C
9. Boiling time: water 10-25 minutes
10. Heating wire: Cr20Ni80
11. Heating area: 140*140 180*180 230*230 280*280 mm
12. Working time: continuous
13. Fuse pipe:ø5×20 15A
14. Power of motor: 40w, DC 14-24V



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