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Hairiness Tester

Instrument is suitable for the textile mill and scientific research, centers, commodity inspection unit tests different natural fiber and chemical fiber and pure mixing form pole maos of feather length, maos of feather indexing to spinning line and production, and offer the means of determining to yarn user.

Suitable standard: FZ/T01086-2000

Technical parameter:

1.  Hairiness length range: 1- 8mm hairiness length which can be tested on one time

2.    Hairiness length precision: 0.1mm

3.    Hairiness distinguishing rate0.5mm

4.    Testing speed:30m/min5%

5.    Yarn testing snippet length:1m to 100m  setting freely

6.    Continuous testing times:1 to 100 setting freely

7.    Form of data display: displayed,  print, record by CRT displayer of microcomputer

8.    Statistic value: average value of hairiness, index of hairiness, unevenness value, extreme difference

9.    Form of adjusting data: adjusting automatically

10. Weight ~25 kg

Power source: AC 220V Hz 50.

110 VC 50/60 Hz available on request


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