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Fiber Fineness & Content Analysis System



This instrument is personally designed for the textile inspector specially, and applied for the invention patent. In order to realize the high efficiency fiber analysis Uses the micro imagery processing and the recognition technology, recognized the textile fiber and the degree of fineness automatically.



Fiber Fineness & Content Analysis System, To determine the fineness of fiber and analyze the content and surface feature of animal and vegetation fiber, and mineral fiber, such as cotton, wool, man-made fiber, etc.

This fiber analyzer is efficient, its kernel is a special soft package, and it is based on the digital image technology and interactive operation. Operator selects the objects, and then the system measures fiber and gets the statistic result automatically.

Pick a bundle of fiber and cut a segment about 100um at the middle position, then immerge the fiber segment in one or two drop of paraffin oil and mix round, place the sample on the telescope stage, the magnified image is projected on the CCD camera and be digitized in computer memory. Then the digital image of sample is processed and measured.

 Standards: GB/T10685, GB/T116988, GB/T30003, SN/T0756,AATCC20A


1.      Simple Diameter measurement 

2.      Automatic diameter measurement

3.      Fiber content test

4.      Abnormality-transect fiber measurement

5.      Valuable application


1.      Industrial pick-up camera, microscope, specialized test software.

2.      Operating mode : Manual, Automatic, Multiple-spot measurement

3.      Measurement range:  1~ 2000μm

4.      Measurement accuracy :0.1μm

5.      Weight:45kgs



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