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Digital Fiber Blend Analyzer

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Accurately determines the respective percentages of wool component or cotton component of blends of either wool or cotton with man-made fibers. A sample of the blend is pre-dried and weighed. The sample is then digested in chemicals appropriate to the blend.  Dosing is automatically controlled. The remaining constituents are redried and reweighed. The duration of the pre-drying, redrying and digestion are adjustable via keypad and display. Air dryer temperature and chemical bath temperature are controlled by preset programs

Electric Power Consumption

Dimensions: 800600900mm (LWH)

Standards: GB/T2910-1997  BS 4407-1988  ISO 1833-1977 

AATCC 20A-1995 JIS L 1030:2-1998  DIN54200-1974  KS K 0210-1993



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