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Stretch & Recovery Static Extension Tester



                                      5 Position tester                Single position tester

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The Stretch and recovery Static Extension Tester is developed to determine the stretch and recovery properties of woven stretch fabrics. Although particularly designed for woven fabrics, this test may also be applicable for knit fabrics, provided that the elongation at 2 pounds/inch is less than 85%. In the determination of fabric stretch, good correlation between per cent fabric stretch at 2 pounds/inch and “hand stretch” was observed for a broad range of stretch fabrics.


Single station tester:  

  • The single tester is used to determine the fabric stretch

  • Vertical frame with a fixed clamp at the top

  • A 50-60 cm vertical scale and a sliding clamp

  • The load of 2 pounds/inch width, expressed as percent of the original length.


5 station tester:  

  • One single station tester and five fixed clamps mounted on a board.

  • To allows three tests each for two specimens at one time.

  • A 50-60 cm vertical scale

  • Vertical frame with 5 fixed clamps at the top with the single station tester

  • used to determine the growth after elongation to a predetermined extension.

  • The load of 2 pounds/inch width, expressed as percent of the original length.



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