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Digital Fabric Length Meter Controller

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Operation principle and purpose:
This length measuring meter sensor consists of length-measured drive gear, length-measured signal receiving and signal output circuit. The length measurer adds digital display circuit by means of the reverse rolling friction between drive gear and the measured objects (such as textile or plastic tape) or the reverse rolling between drive gear and the main shaft of machine producing the measured objects, the actual measured length unit signal is sent to counter (length measure meter) by combing the internal gear ratio of sensor with optoelectronic signal. The counter (length measure meter) will record the accumulative length.

This length meter counter controller can be widely used to printing machinery, textile machinery, plastic and rubber machinery, wire and cable equipment and pharmaceutical machinery as well as all places requiring automatic measurement of product length during production


Length meter features:

v  Display count: two groups of 4 bit LED

v  Counter ranges: 1-99999

v  Coefficient set up range: 0.0001-9.9999m

v  Output delay range: 0.01-999.995

v  Rated voltage: AC110~240V, 50/60HZ,

v  Count Mode: add count reversible count

v  Count voltage input H: 4.5~30V, L:0~2V

v  Output type: F N R C K1 K2 P Q A D H L

v  Power off memory: over 10 years (25c) 


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