Textile Bursting Tester

Used in a variety of textiles, non- woven fabric, leather and other materials, while force ( flexible diaphragm law ) in latitude and longitude and in all directions , expansion force and dilation of the performance measurement .

Integrated safety shied
Provided with a touch screen readout of pressure, time of burst, height of burst

Big touch screen operation, also can use PC operation.
High quality and renewable rubber diaphragms, manual griping device, and forward reverse and neutral drive system
High quality AC servo motor driven

Related standards : ASTM D3786, ISO 13938.1, BS 3424 (PT. 6), ISO 3033-B, EN 12332-2




Hydraulic pressure to 6000Kpa
Quick change bells
Diaphragm correction
Automatic flow rate adjustment
Software analysis for full results
Distension measurement up to 70mm

Technical Parameters :
Capacity 0~6MPa (6000Kpa)
Test Speed Adjustable, 20-800ml/min
Bursting strength accuracy ±0.5%FS
Hydraulic fluid glycerin with concentration 85%

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