Durawash Print and Fabric Durability Testing Machine


The Durawash test machine simulates the conditions necessary to meet leading chain stores standard garment and fabric durability tests. The process control systems provide excellent accuracy and repeatability. The physical performance of the durawash is compatible with that of the "Hoovermatic" Twin Tub and complies with the Marks and Spencer Fabric Durability (C15) and Print Durability (P5) methods of test.

 Fifteen minutes of testing in the Durawash is approximately equivalent to five domestic washes, removing the need for repeated wash and dry tests.


This results in reduced cost, labor and required laboratory space and an increased capacity for testing

 Multiple tests can be performed in this one instrument, including print durability, pleat retention, cockling,

flock retention, crinkling, differential shrinkage, security of attachments and more.

Standards:  M&S C15 Print Durability, M&S P5 Durability Wash for Garments and Components, M&S P6

Durability Wash for Pleat Retention, M&S P7 Durability of Waddings and Quilted Waddings to Washing,


NEXT TM 8 Appearance for Garments and Products,


BHS TM 12A Durability Wash for Prints and Flock,


BS 7907:2007: Code of Practice for the design and manufacture of children's clothing to promote mechanical safety




1.          Water bath is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel.


2.          Protection: water-lacking alarm, protection device when opening door.


3.          Test-finished alarm.


4.          Digital Display



Technical Parameter:

a)         Fabric/Garment Capacity: Approx 2kg

 b)         Rotation speed: 560 r/min +/-2%

c)            Specimen size: 500mmx500mm

 d)         Max temperature: 60  +/- 2 , (Could be adjustable)

 e)         Dimension: 700 x 670 x 900mm

 f)           Weight: 75kgs

 g)         Power: 220V, 50Hz


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