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Durawash 8 Cups

Product Features:                      Click Image to enlarge
The Launder O-meter also called Durawash, Rotawash, GyroWash to determine color fastness to washing or dry cleaning to washing fastness methods; it complies with ISO, BSI, AATCC.

Washing Fastness Tester, to determine color fastness to washing or dry cleaning to ISO, BSI, AATCC and Marks & Spencer’s standards.

Available in different sizes such as portable washing fastness tester etc.

The washing fastness tester uses stainless steel rotor to holds wash pots on each of four sides and rotates at a constant 40 rpm (+/-2 rpm). Wash pots are preheated in appropriate test solution.

Containers are sealed with either a Neoprene rubber gasket or optional Teflon gasket.
To offer a reliable and safe washing fastness test, Washing fastness tester equipped with water-lacking alarm, protection device when opening door, Test-finished alarm, Automatic shutdown with audible warning etc.

Standard: ISO105, M& SC4A. 5.37. P3B, IWSTM, 241, AATCC 2, 3, 28, 61, 62, 86, 132, 151, 190, FTMS 191-5610/5622, BS 1006, NEXT

  • Design features:

  • Process tank construction in high grade 316 stainless steel

  • Lid interlock and latch for added safety

  • Stainless steel bearing housing

  • Industrial quality motor specifications

  • Level protection to disable heating

  • Free standing machine on lockable wheels

  • Audible alarm and automatic agitator shut off

  • Solid state relay for silent switching reliability and zero electrical noise.

  •  Magnetically coupled drain pump for reliability

Technical Parameter:

v Rotation speed: 40+/-2/rpm 

v Wash pot Volume: A. 550±50ml (ISO)

v Distance between beaker and shaft: 40±5mm

v Wash pot volume: B.1200±50ml (AATCC)

v Distance between breaker and shaft: 40±5mm

v Having rotating closed 8 canisters (4A+4 B or 8A)

v Digital display timer

v Temp.: Max.: 95 °C  Adjustable

v Running time: Adjustable 

v Weight: 50kgs

v Power: 220V, 50Hz, Single Phrase



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