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Digital Yarn Tension Meter


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Electronic Yarn Tension Meters are used throughout the world in a wide variety of typical as well as special applications.  As are shown below:



  • In the Knitting Industry: exact adjusting of yarn feeders of circular  knitting machines.

  • In the Man-Made Fiber Industries: For wire drawing or winding machines.

  • In the Wire Industries: doubling twister.

  • In Cotton Textile Industries: for winding machines.

  • In the Optical Fiber Industries: winding machines.

Technical Details:

  1. Range: 0-200CN (0-200g) (Other capacity can be ordered)

  2. Resolution: 0.1CN

  3. Accuracy:1% full scale

  4. Units:  cN

  5. Outrange Approx 10% full scale without accuracy guarantee

  6. Overload protection: 200% of tension range

  7. Measuring principle: Strain Gauge Bridge

  8. Measuring roller: 0.5 mm

  9. Signal processing: Digital 10 bit ADC

  10. Damping: Adjustable electronic damp (3 steps) moving averaging


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