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Digital High torque Stirrer Mixer

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This series instrument is designed for large volume, high viscosity samples

1. Controlled by microcomputer technology, the controller will automatically according to the change of sample viscosity adjustment the output power, guarantee the speed constant.


2. Using free maintenance, no carbon brush dc motor, suitable for laboratory high load for a long time work .


3. A variety of impeller can be selected, different shapes, different sizes, different materials  LED digital display/control/display control way two classification set speed Can display the speed and torque .


 Speed control precision of: + / - 1 RPM or plus or minus 1% reading

Torque accuracy: + / - 5% reading

Speed range (RPM) I file: 20 ~ 600

II gear: 600 ~ 600

Corresponding torque: (N - cm) I file: 339

II gear: 68

Biggest stir viscosity: (CPS) 100000

Maximum torque: (N - 339 cm)

(L) 40 largest mixing quantity

The output power: (W) 150

Size: 200 * 95 * 95 (mm)

Mixing head weight: 5 Kg (Kg


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