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Now we provide two models of digital button pull testers:

1- SH Guard Digital Button pull and snap tester Click here

2- Mars HF Guard Digital button pull and snap tester



Download PDF Brochure 187 kb

DIGITAL PULL TESTER: Most advance technology in this field which ensure the perfect TTF results and test data record security.

                                                                  Click image to enlarge view

Mars HF Guard buttons testers is to define the responsibility of the garment manufacturers to ensure the button and push button and the fixed article can be properly fixed in the garment, preventing the buttons, etc, separate from clothing so that make the chance of dangerous that the baby swallow. Therefore, all garment button, and fixed decorative button (The whole can be put into small objects measurement) are required detection by the button tester.


Applicable scope: Mainly used in buttons, toys tensile tests.


This electronic system can be used for Button Snap and Pull tests with all standard test grips per standards. Tester can also be used for tension, withdraw force and fracture test for Rubber, plastics, yarn and fabric in Textile, cables and cords and auto parts, have preset test speed and step less speed regulation function Manual and Auto cycle test shift. Tester may connect via RS323 with computer.

The Digital tester can preset the stop force, when the preset force arrived the tester will auto stop.

Digital button snap and pull tester can be used for measuring tension force of different test methods. The display has the blue background light lamp. The tester can set the upper and lower limit to judge the measured results. 


1. High precision and high resolution.

2. Five testing modes and three display methods for selection-enhance testing efficiency to the maximum extent.

3. N (Newton), kg (Kilogram) and lb (Pound) three measuring units for selection and conversion.

4. User can use function of gravity acceleration to get the accurate value of gravity acceleration at the using place as to make the testing and unit conversion more accurate.

5. Maintain the display of peak value until manual zero clearing.

6. Automatic peak function maintains the display of peak value for 2 seconds and then release automatically.

7. Max and Min and comparison value can be set for statistic analysis. The buzzer will alarm if exceeding comparison value.

8. Data storage function: 896 testing values can be stored.

9. Data output function: The data can be input into computer through data line for various analyses.

10. The device will automatically stop if no operation within 10 minutes.

11. High quality chargeable power supply is available from 100V to 240V, which can accommodate most areas in domestic and at industries. It has also protection functions for short circuit, leakage and overload.

12. Two sets mounting dimensions, it is applied for most testing platforms domestically and easy for users to install it to platform.  

13. Special testing function of make-break ability of switch contact to make the make break testing be more accurate.

14. Six digits large screen display.

15. Synchronous measuring software can connect computer measuring, the computer display measuring graph and the detailed testing records, and can preserve, print, make analysis, input speed, area, displacement, and pressure.

16. Contact control signal output setting comparative value, when the Measuring value is over comparative value, output signal control circuit Breaker's make-and-break. Thus realize the function of stop electromotor, and control automatically; it is also can be used for realize other control Functions, for example input signal to PLC to realize automatization. Also it can set signal output mode, for example output signal at some Measuring range.


There is a jack on the side of apparatus can put one Side of connection line to secondary jack, and the other side in the jack on the testing machine which is produced by our company, thus it can realize function of stop electromotor automatically when the measuring Value is over comparative value. The comparative value can set by himself.

17. Negative photo tropism function use key-press or apparatus is stressed, the negative photo tropism would light automatically, it will close negative phototropism if 10s non operation; it also can press "setting" key 6 times, enter 'light" condition, choose "NO" to close negative phototropism, chose "YES" to start the function automatically.

18. LCD over turn display ability can make the value reverse 180°, convenience for looking the measuring value from different angle.

19. Reset quickly when system halted accidentally install reset key on the side, then press the keys with forcedly can make power off.

20. Digital pull tester has many specifications for user’s choosing, customers can choose corresponding apparatus according to the force value of their measuring products. The measuring range should be10%-100% of the full range.

Software Image

General test procedure:

  • Turn  power ON. After the LCD display zero, that will be ok.

  • Push the PEAK button the gauge will display PEAK on LCD screen.

  • Push the stand down switch, let the fixture motion down ward, and it can hold the button.

  • Rotating the fixture anti-clockwise, to open the catch mouth.

  • Put the cloth with button fixed fixture (put into base with concave), keep the button upward, push the hands of puncher so it can clamp the cloth (and ensure fabrics have been pinned).

  • If the gauge value is changed due to fabric clamping or because of weight of upper attachment press once again ZERO,

  • Speed can be set before starting test or regulated during movement.

  • The motion upward will automatically stop with an alarm to alert the operator at pre defined force

  • Test values will be displayed and stored in the system memory for print and analyze.

 Instruments Detail:

a) Vertical single column test stand

b) Big base platform, good stability, suitable for indoor table test.

C) Screw transmission, and precise displacement measurement head, simple and stable operation.

d) The standard configuration of base platform can move around, convenient for accurate clamping.

e) This machine can be installed on the table (platform), and make the frame more stable.

f) Size: 290x370x970mm

g) Effective travel: 400mm (custom made 700mm)

h) Net weight: 60-65


Click image to enlarge view


Standard Supply Package:

  1. Test Stand 1000 N

  2. 300-500 N Digital Force gauge (Customer Selection)

  3. Upper Universal Grip

  4. Three-jaw Clamp

  5. Lower Fabric Clamp

  6. Upper Long Nose Vise Grip

  7. Upper Stud Grip

  8. User manual Digital Button Pull tester

  9. Software CD, RS 232 cables gauge to stand & Stand to PC etc

           Other Clamps available optionally if required.

           PC and printer will be arranged by the customer

Download PDF Brochure 187 kb


See details of SH Guard

SH Guard Digital Button pull and snap tester Click here


Design of the equipment may change without prior notification.



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