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Automatic Bursting Tester

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Fully Automatic Bursting Tester can determine the bursting strength of paper, leather, fabric and so on material, place hydraulic on rubber membrane of a particular area to impose the fabric to be bursted.

StandardCNS2054 3479 JIS-L1004, L1018, L1031, K6328, P8131, P8112, ASTM-D2210, TAPPI T403ts-63   ASTM3786ISO2758ISO2960JIS L1018/L1093IWS TM170   GB/T 7742.1-2005,FZ/T 60019


NL29A Digital Rupture Tester (Touching screen display)

NL29B Digital Rupture Tester (Touching screen bursting height display)     

NL29C Computer control (display bursting curve, bursting height)

 Technical Details:

  • Large-screen touch screen display, automatic calibration of pressure.

  • Rupture sensitivity can be set at random, to ensure different breaking up situation of a variety material.

  • Automatic test mode, material automatically returns after breaking down.

  • Display the value of breaking, residual value-the number of patch-correction (with internationally agreed testing methods)

  • Pneumatic clamping device is convenient for sample to clamp, at the same time, display the clamping force to ensure the stability of the sample clamping to complete the process of automatic test.

  • Compression speed can be adjusted to adapt to test method of different material standard.

  • Can equip with micro-printer according to customer needs, print the test data at any time.

  • Breaking-up rubber membrane adopt rubber membrane used by American companies MULLEN

  • original textile, to ensure that test data is consistent to MULLEN company original models.

  • Unit Converter KPA, PSI, KG, N

  • Ring clamp, internal diameter: 30.50.05mm

  • Testing range: 8.00Mpa minimum division value: 0.002Mpa

  • Greatest expansion700.02mm

  • Dimension: 560380470mm (HWD

  • Power supply: AC220V200W50-60Hz

  • Weight: 55kg



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