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Crockmeter Motorized

Motorized Crockmeter Rubbing Fastness Tester  to determine the color fastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing, wet friction color fastness test of cotton chemical fiber all kinds of, pure to spin or blending print and dye cloth scrub fastness of color test.


Electronic AATCC Crockmeter, to determine the colour fastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing. A pinned acrylic sample holder ensures rapid sample mounting and repeatability of results. Crockmeter Fitted with a pre-determined electronic counter for strokes.

Crockmeter Motorized is an advance version of Crockmeter, operated by a geared motor.

Standards:   AATCC 8/165, ISO 105/D02, BSEN 20105 BS 1006-D02, BS 4655, NEXT 10, M&S C8/C8A/C25/C52

Technical parameter

Digital Counter:                                           Automatically stops

Rub head  pressure on the sample:            9N

Moving Stroke:                                            100mm

Reciprocate speed:                                     60 time /min

Rubbing finger:                                        Ǿ16mm  & 25 mm

Motor:                                                          1 with break guard

Voltage :                                                      220 / 110 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz

Weight:                                                        ~21 Kg



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