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Lab Conditioning Chamber

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Laboratory Condition Chambers will be high flow rate of airflow through the sample, within a few minutes to up to 100 samples (cotton or other natural fiber samples) to the temperature and humidity requirements. Samples can accommodate 4-6 layer disc A stainless steel interior mirror, Foursquare  semi-circular easy cleaning, Box Geban adjustable spacing. Microcomputer temperature controller, control temperature, humidity accurate and reliable.

Technical Details:

  • Microcomputer imports of large-scale use of original LCD (320 x 240 dots) in

  •  English show control system. 

  • High-Performance high-capacity program.

  • Can be set 120 patterns; 1200 steps; 999 x 999 cycles, and arbitrary series connection between the program (LINK) implementation.

  • Unlimited repeat cycle test, each time the largest set 99 Hrs 59Mins

  • A program that, clearance and start booking, memory blackouts, and other functions. 

  • Heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification of all components, fully automatic control by the microcomputer, the system of individual fully independent. 

  • Extreme temperature, compressor overheating, such as protection of water shortage.

  • Using double-glass door window of observation, observation facilitate understanding. 

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