Multipurpose Flammability Tester

Multipurpose Flammability Tester automatically determine the flammability resistance to a vertical flame of apparel fabrics, protective fabrics, curtains and children's sleepwear.



Standard: BS EN ISO 6940, EN ISO 6941, BS 5438, EN ISO 15025



Technical Parameter:



Ignition of the time range:0-99.99S


Precision: 0.01S


Continued burning time:0-999.9S


Ignition fire mouth: According to ISO 6941 Standard


Fire Mouth angle: 0°/30°/90°(Adjustable)


Flame Measurement Height: 20mm/40mm


Dimension inside U clamp: 80mmx600mm


Mark line on U clamp: adjustable




Weight: 50kgs


Power: AC 220V/110V


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