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Carpet Thickness Tester

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It is designed to measure the carpet thickness / floor coverings under standard loads.
It consists of a rigid metallic frame having a loading rod held with its axis vertical capable of moving freely in two guide bushes. The rod has a small metallic disc shaped collar fitted on its body.
Dead weight of appropriate loading capacity can be placed on this collar to enable pressures to be applied on the specimen under test. The rod and the load can be raised or lowered.
Technical Features:

1, Form: framework
2, sample dimension: 250 x 250 mm
3, foot diameter: 22.57 mm,
4, Pressure: 2 kpa
5, Pressure methods: special weight
6, Range: 0-50 mm
7, Minimum division value: 0.01 mm
8, Size: 290 x 270 x 475 mm
9. Weight: 30kg


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