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See our digital button pull tester's details 

Button Pull-Snap Tester

We provide different famous make and models of button snap and pull tester like SafGuard, and other makes.


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SafGuard is Approved & Adopted by: World leading retailers / renowned brands: e.g. GAP, H&M, LEVIS, M&S, NEXT, VF & Ralph Lauren, etc. World leading textile testing labs: e.g. BV, CTL, INTERTEK, SGS, STR, TUV, etc.

SafGuard: ASTM F963, D4846-96   EN71,

M&S P115A (for snap), P115 (for button), etc.


SafGuard Standard Package:

  1. STA-0020  IMADA Force Gauge FB-30K

  2. STA-0041  Upper Universal Grip

  3. STA-0002  Upper Stud Grip

  4. STA-0005  Upper Grasp Button Grip

  5. STA-0042  Lower Fabric Clmap

  6. STA-0006  Lower Grasp Button Accessories Kit

  7. STA-0004  Calibration Weight 15 LB

  8. STA-0040  Bench Top Stand

  9. STA-0007  Upper Long Nose Vise Grip

  10. STA-0084  Multifunction Vise Clamp

  11. Operation Manual

Download SafGuard Brochure


 Button Pull & Snap Tester MT



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This Button Pull Snap Tester is the unique safety test instrument that provides a means to accurately measure how safe accessories are attached in a product. It is also used to compare a variety of accessories from different vendors in the process from product design to production.

 It is a simple but effective design mainly consisting of a high precision gauge, a sturdy stand and special grips/clamps. It requires very little train. A sample required by standards & regulations is to be fixed horizontally (constant force is applied to secure the sample) so that snap or other accessories attached in fabric can be clamped into.

It can be used in buttons, zippers, toys testing for many brands like NEXT, M&H, GAP, M&S, NIKE, LIVIS, and other famous brands necessary attachments are available.

STANDARDS: 16 CFR 1500.51-53 , ASTM PS79-96,  M & S P122 (BS 4162) P115A etc.

All the Items & function are same as SafGuard or SafQ. Manufacturer is different

Standard package 1-16:
1- Imada Force Gauge FB-30K
2- Upper Stud Grip
3- Upper Grasp Button Grip
4- Lower Fabric Clamp
5- Low Grasp Button Accessories Kit
6- Three Pronged Clamp
7- Calibration Weight 15LB
8- Mechanical Stand for Imada Force Gauge
9- Upper Long Nose Vise Grip
10- Upper Universal Grip
11- Button snap attachment

12- Extension rod for lower clamp

13- Allen key for handling fitting (2mm)

14- Protective goggles

15- Supper rubber O rings

16- Operation Manual



1 pc

1 pc

1 pc

1 pc

1 pc

1 pc

1 pc

1 pc

1 pc

1 pc

1 pc

1 pc

1 pc

5 pcs

1 pc

Optional Clamps & Accessories:

  House Clamp sewn buttons for M & S tests

  Upper Nu-Universal 4 pronged Clamp for poppers and M&H tests

  Multifunction Vise Clamp (New)

  Small Part Cylinder, Metallic

  Zipper Test Kit


Download full Brochure Button pull & Snap Tester MT

See our digital button pull tester's details



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