Oscillating Dyeing Machine


This machine is suitable for dyeing in common temperature (20℃-100℃)

and the operation is simple. Neutral alkali, salt and other additions can be softly added during the process of dyeing.

It also applies to the cotton bath, soap and bleached experiment


Equip imported motor with large Angular moment from Taiwan.

The shell is made of stainless steel S.S304 material

Programmable Temperature controller and PT-100 probe

  Technical Parameter:
  Number of Beaker: (24Cups)
  Beaker Specification: 250cc Triangular Glass Beaker
  Oscillation Speed: 30-200 reciprocation/min

  (shaking from right to left)
  Temperature Range: Room Temperature - 100℃
  Heating: Electrical Heating
  Power Supply: 4kw, AC220V, 50HZ
  Overall Dimension (L*W*H): 106*55*72c m
  Included: 250cc Triangular glass Beaker


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