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Aging Oven Tester (Ventilation)

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Going to the aging dealing, continuous heating to sample and so on tests.

The machine applied to leather, plastic, rubber, cloth etc. materials for the changes characteristics of heating before and heating after.


After the uniform heating under the required the temperature and time, observe anti-yellowing, Opening plastic, contraction, elongation, residual rate of properties for the sample before and after aging in order to determine the aging characteristics, with harsh ambient temperature to promote vulcanized rubber, plastic products in order to observe the extent of sample degradation or use to comparison tensile strength, elongation and flexural properties changes of sample after high temperature before and after.


  1. Inner materials: SUS#304 specular Stainless Steel

  2. Outer materials: galvanized steel plate painting power coating.

  3. Inner size: 40 x 40 x 45cm

  4. Temperature: room temperature ~ 200

  5. System accuracy: temperature control: PID automatic calculation microprocessor

  6. Temperature controller, temperature uniformity: 1

  7. Power1.8KW

  8. Rotary speed of specimen frame: 510rpm, double-decker test rotating frame.

  9. Dimension about: 9155100cm

  10. Air change rate: 3~50 time/hr

  11. Weight: 80kg

  12. Standard: ASTM-D2436, CNS3556, 742 ISO 188, JIS K721, ASTM D 1149


Available with or without trolley as specify at the time of order.




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