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180 Degree Peel off Tester 


Peel test or adhesion testing is the measurement of the adhesive or bond strength between two materials. 


It is performed by applying a tension load to the materials Peel off Force Tester specially designed to combined different test uses into one machine. Specially used in adhesion force of Fabric Fusing, Tin foil, Aluminum foil, Tape and similar other materials test.

  1. Features & Specifications:

  2. Our Analog Dial force gauge or Digital force gauge may be used.

  3. Screw type transmission, simple and stable operation.

  4. This frame can be installed on a table face, to make the test stand more stable

  5. For vertical and horizontal dual-use Manual operation

  6. 180 peel-off and tensile tests.

  7. Gauge reading Analog: Kg and N. Digital Gauge: Kg, N, Lbs

  8. Match with digital/analog force gage, 10N, 20N, 30N,50N, 100N, 200 and 300N

  9. Load division value: 0.001kg and 0.01kg

  10. Maximum load: 500N

  11. Effectives stroke: 150mm

  12. Length×width×heiht:230×150×490mm

  13. Netweight:11kg

  14. One year Warranty



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