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Peel Bond Strength Tester



Peel Bond Strength Tester


1.      To determine the strength requires to separating fabric with interlining / fusing.

2.      It can give repeatable and accurate results.

3.      Optional: Long Gripper is provided to hold the test specimen accurately.

4.      Can be used vertically and Horizontally

5.   CE certified Electronic Gauge

Peel test or adhesion testing is the measurement of the adhesive or bond strength between two materials.  It is performed by applying a tension load to the materials on one of three different ways:

         Pulling two flexible materials axially away from each other forming what is called a 'T' peel

         Material or substrate, both held vertically, forming what is called a 180 degree peel

         Material or substrate, which is held horizontally, forming what is called a 90 degree peel



1.      Digital Gauge 10 kg -10g (20 & 25 Kg Available)

2.      Kg to Lb unit conversion facility

3.      Sensitivity 1%

4.      Large LCD Display

5.      Auto peak hold, Tar button

6.      Long Battery Backup-More than 100 hrs

7.      Auto Power off for saving batteries after 20 seconds  

8.      Screen back light On / Off control


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