Jigger Dyeing Machine


Jigger Dyeing Machine is suitable to test the dyeing of cotton and linen cloth, viscose, man-made fiber, etc., and suitable for dye material, such as direct dyes, acid dyes, basic dyes, insoluble azo dyes, and reactive dyes, etc. This apparatus can achieve bleaching and dyeing with low-liquor ratio, simulates as nearly as possible the mechanism of production jigs.


Jigger Dyeing Machine is specially designed to satisfy the requirements of testing dye formula before quantity production of dyeing and finishing enterprise. This apparatus simulates as nearly as possible the mechanism of production jigs’ requirements of speed, temperature, pre-tension, etc. of real production process. Compared with production machine, this Laboratory Jig Dyeing Machine’s size is smaller, consumes small quantity of dye, and with short testing process, so operator is easier to change dye formula, and finds suitable dye formula in a short time. Therefore this machine is well welcomed by many dyeing and finishing enterprise







Manual Operation Mode Interface


 Technical Parameter:

 Control Mode: Touch Screen+ PLC

 Effective Roller Width: ≤500mm

 Roller Diameter:  F 57mm- F 200mm

 Cloth speed :0.5-8m/min +/- 0.001 m/min

 Temperature Range and accuracy: Room Temperature -98+/- 2

 Temperature Ratio: 1-3

 Tension: 0-18kgs 

Material tension control mode: the difference speed between A and B roller.

 Cooling: automatic water cold system

 Power: AC 380V, 50Hz


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