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Hydrostatic Head Pressure Tester


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This machine is used to determine not only the fabric hydrostatic pressure resistance, but also the hydrostatic pressure proof performance of the coating materials.

 Standards:ISO-811, AATCC 127, BSEN 20811, ISO 1420

 Features: Microcomputer control, English LCD menu, four built-in test methods.

The built-in tank design, creative balance system of water pressure rate, rising speed stability and accuracy, clamp made of stainless steel, equip with LED light to view specimen clearly.

Testing Methods: 

Turbocharged Constant pressure time (It means at the constant pressure, how long can appear the first water drop on the specimen) Constant pressure regularly (It means at the constant pressure and specify time, if can appear water drop on the specimen) Leakage water method.

Technical Parameter:

Model         Testing Range        Accuracy        Elevation Speed        Clamp Area

    07C-5          0.5kpa-50kpa                                   1kpa-20kpa                  100c m2

    07C-20        0.5kpa-200kpa        0.2%F.S           1kpa-30kpa                  100 cm2

    07C-50        5kpa-500kpa                                    1kpa-100kpa          7 .8 cm2(Optional)

    Testing Units: (pa mm Hgcm H2O

    Power: AC 220V 50Hz/110V, 60Hz

    Dimension: 550400500mm

    Weight: 55kg




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