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GretagMacbeth The Judge II

Convenient and Accurate Color Decisions

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This compact visual color evaluation system provides the closest fluorescent daylight simulation available today in a construction that will meet your needs. The Judge II combines exceptional versatility and quality and offers the best value where space is an important consideration when evaluating color quality and uniformity.


Improve Color Rendering

By combining ultraviolet with the daylight source, the Judge II achieves the closest match to natural daylight available in a fluo-rescent source while delivering the highest Color Rendering Index (CRI) in the industry. The unique Seven-phosphor fluorescent day-light lamp technology of the Judge II renders color more accurately than typical three phosphor technology which accents blues and greens while suppressing reds. This results in less accurate color matches.


Increase Color approvals With Multiple, switch able light sources

Five different light sources provides the ability to detect metamer-ism, a phenomenon which occurs when colors appear to match under one set of viewing conditions but fail to match under an-other. And, the ultraviolet lamp can be used by itself or in combi-nation with any of the light sources for the detection or evaluation of optical brighteners, whitening agents or fluorescent dyes and pigments.

Whether you are matching textiles, plastics, printing, inks, dyes, paints or cosmetics, the many advanced features of the Judge II will help you make critical color decisions with greater ease and confidence.


Conforms To International standards

The Judge II conforms to or exceeds all major international stan-dards for the visual evaluation of color. These include ASTM D1729 for visual evaluation of color differences of opaque materials, ISO 3664 for illumination conditions for viewing reproductions, as well as DIN, AATCC and BSI standards

Also available VeriVide Color assessment cabinets Click


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